Venice Green Dream


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Venice Green Dream Collateral Event of the 13th International Architecture Exhibition

«50x50 Venice Green Dream is the development of a greenfield, a common ground that represents a classical order of architecture and, at the same time, a process of cultivation of the nature». It is here that Architect and Landscape Designer Andreas Kipar, President of Green City Italia, begins to describe the exhibition that will come to life on the grounds of the Vega 2 Science and Technology Park in Venice Marghera on the occasion of the 13th International Architecture Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia.
Promoted by Green City Italia, thanks to the care and support of Condotte Immobiliare Società per Azioni, the project falls under the theme chosen by the Director of the Architecture Biennale, David Chipperfield, who has found a Common Ground for developing business while constantly maintaining a human scale environment. “We must engage in a greater collaboration of talents and resources”, stated Chipperfield, “and Common Ground draws us to consider how best to channel these shared views, concerns and expectations”. In times of crisis, with extravagance now forbidden, the return to normality is seen as a necessary European challenge to “tackle urban and territorial transformations with a socio-economic and environmental approach”, Kipar explains. “All of this requires radically new ideas and Venice and its waterfront are the ideal area for action”.
“In this fragile and constantly evolving landscape”, the landscape architect continues, “the Venice Green Dream is positioned in a greenfield, testimony to the belief that things can be changed, especially when committing to the Green theme. And where better to demonstrate it than in the Venice Porto Marghera, an area that for years has been yearning for a new future?”
The exhibition, held from 29 August to 26 November 2012, will have a platform made from recycled wood to introduce what will unfold: a greenfield which will gradually transform.10 mulberry trees, symbol of productivity, will be positioned in the centre. 50 x 50 metres of land will progressively evolve throughout the entire duration of the exhibition, changing the visitors’ perspective and recollecting the back garden of a house, where the absence of building refers back to post-modernism, a period of urban regeneration and of the un-built.

Environmental restoration also lies at the heart of the target objectives of Condotte Immobiliare, the company promoting the Venice Green Dream project. “The theme chosen by Chipperfield”, states Giuseppe Vadalà, MD of Condotte, “ties in well with what we have proposed for the Vega 2 area and encapsulates the current transformation from ‘brownfield to greenfield’. Our business group would like to give its contribution to promoting a Venice which is salvaging disused industrial sites to create a new waterfront of European interest”.


LAND Germany GmbH
Dr. (I) Arch. Andreas Kipar

Birkenstraße 47a
40233 Düsseldorf


2012 - 2012

50 x 50 m

Auftraggeber • Bauherr
Green City Italia

Porto Marghera
30100 Venedig

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